Aspiwork Product-Project Data Management Server

Document management and process flow control application for enterprises


Aspiwork-PDM is a LAN based document management and process flow control application for enterprises. Its published under GNU GPL. Server is installed on a Linux machine, preferably used as a file server (seperately configured). Administration of enterprise-wide configuration and day to day access by users is web based.

Aspiwork-PDM can be used by engineering, architectural, art, advertising etc. practices where frequently revised creative work is accomplished. It is also useful for offices where number of document per client is high e.g. legal consultants. It can serve an office with 10-50 employees.

Major features

Classification of employees according to department, designation and project for access control; structuring of project according to sub-sections and project's team; classification of resources(file) according to a their type and category; managed file store according to above classifications with revision scheme.



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Installation and configuration instructions are in 'install' file in source.

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